I graduated MB, ChB from the University of Otago in New Zealand in 1992.

The purpose of this website is to share my observations and opinions with respect to the Covid-19 injectables.

With respect to Colloidal Gold – trials haven’t been conducted yet on people. The recent discussions are based on initial findings on a slide

Hi, I have been a General Practitioner (family medicine doctor) for over 25 years.

Clearly there has been a lot of things about the Covid-19 pandemic that hasn’t made sense unless the events of the last three years are seen in a broader context and we consider other global agendas.

For 30 years I have tried not to have my ‘thalidomide moment’ where I have inadvertently given a medication or not warned about something that might cause a foetal abnormality.
“don’t smoke, don’t drink” “Let us change your medication to something that we have more confidence is safe”
It was never possible that we know that the Covid-19 injectables are safe in pregnancy, let alone effective and I am pleased to say that I actively always discouraged my pregnant patients not to have this medication.
Clearly the official narrative was that these injectables were safe in pregnancy. As a medical professional I was constantly bombarded with this message from every official organisation.
And besides Covid-19 was such a threat during pregnancy that “you must have the vaccination” – really???

I became increasingly aware of the resounding unison of “there is nothing to see here” despite the number of groups and individuals who were posting concerning images online.
So in mid 2022 I purchased a darkfield microscope and started looking at my own blood and that of patients. I also started looking at what we were injecting into people and I started voicing my concerns about what I was seeing.

I would encourage anybody to consider purchasing a dark field microscope and start looking and please email me with any questions with regard to this

I do a weekly newsletter and if you would like to subscribe to these please see the newsletter section.

I am grateful to my family, friends and colleagues that have supported me with this work.



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Centrox wrote: Apr 16, 2024

Look at around 0:40. This is just a random video I found on youtube...

Susie wrote: Apr 14, 2024

Thank you for your research. I don’t understand much of it, but enough to know how important it is for the world.

Visitor wrote: Apr 12, 2024

The vaccinated people could take CDS:

Chlorine Dioxide Solution (CDS) for Health Maintenance: How to Make and Recommended Protocols

Please read the messages below on how to eradicate the depopulation/transhumanist cabal. Keep an open mind as you read.

Empirical Evidence: The Moon Is Local, Non-Solid, Self-Illuminating, Cold Plasma and Earth's Mirror

URGENT: The Human Species Is Under Serious Threat Of Extinction!

Great channels:

Vibes of Cosmos


Liberty TV

Eldon wrote: Feb 18, 2024

I would be interested to know if grounding sheets for my bed will help with shedding i have absorbed from the vaxed people around me ?

Lisa Smith wrote: Feb 2, 2024

Hi Dr Nixon. Thanks for your amazing work. I've been reading the comments and someone asked about patents. Look for Dr Bryan Ardis The Antidote with Jason Shurka parts 1 and 2.
I use Rumble
Best wishes to you all

TracyQue wrote: Jan 31, 2024

Thank you Dr Nixon!
Keep up the great work!

Archie wrote: Dec 19, 2023

Looks like it builds automatically off of your bodies energy and relays with our devices!?!

Vicki wrote: Dec 9, 2023

Has anyone found a NON-free dental anesthesia?

Gabriela wrote: Oct 24, 2023

I, too, have been watching this stuff under the microscope for 12 months now as a layman. After I was forced inoculated from the sky (strange flying object) with this stuff, as I have enlightened about WLAN brain control, directional satellites, etc..
Here is my latest article in German:

My first article on the subject from February 16:

I like to translate with because the translation is better than Google.

Arleen wrote: Oct 23, 2023

Oh I would love to purchase my own microscope!!! Thank you for all the work your doing wow!!!

Sometimes when I receive all this information I just want to hide under my pillow lol

Can a lay person like myself start looking at blood ?

I am amazed at how insidious all of this nano is !
Who to share this with they all thought I was exaggerating a little crazy to think the government would do such a thing hmmm. . .

Do we have detox protocols my son went ahead and did it

Ty so much

Many blessings


Danyèle wrote: Oct 18, 2023

Hello Dr. Nixon!

Funny parody on Schwab:

Natural News article on AU:

Holing you’re doing fine.

Best regards.

Alethea wrote: Oct 17, 2023

Hi David and community. I have just listened to a podcast that talks about us being barcoded through thr pcr test. And also how through any immunisation we are beaconed. In this interview around 55mins Celeste Solum talks about how they have a flourescent dye in us… and they can watch like on tv how we would die. I have not heard any of this in alt media or alt medicine thus far…

Danielle wrote: Oct 5, 2023

Since there are many claims that certain frequencies, like the Solfeggio frequencies 528, 432 etc or Rife frequencies are said to be healing, would it not be worth a try to see if there would be any interaction with the vaccine? For example using the Music Speed App to change to 528 frequency, should be simple to do, no?

vic wrote: Oct 4, 2023

pretty sure the circles lighting up . is the technology charles lieber was working on im guessing its soldering components onto the chips.. nano fiberoptic cables.

There Is No Pandemic . Net wrote: Mar 14, 2023


"Is the Fake Pandemic a Front for the Transhumanist Project of the World Economic Forum?"

My position, as the compiler of this web site, is that there was and is no pandemic. The "symptoms" of the so-called "illness", "Covid-19" are so broad and general that they can be attributed to almost anyone, who can then be fraudulently "diagnosed" with the non-diagnostic PCR, and declared to be "infected", so they can then be chalked up to statistics that had to be invented and inflated to be used to terrorize the public into accepting the fake "vaccines" with elements probably designed for more than one agenda: depopulation and transhumanism being two. I sometimes have no choice but to include videos with people who "believe" in the pandemic, in the virus being on the loose, with the human imagination supplying the rationale (it was "leaked" from a lab somewhere). Those types videos that I include are there to bring other information forward. Notably, Dr. David Martin, PhD, a world-renowned patent expert, has said in various video clips that according to legal patents, the injections are BIOWEAPONS designed to harm and kill. Maybe you can find some leads to other ideas about the "agendas" underway in this growing collection:
Kind regards.

David wrote: Feb 26, 2023

I'm a bit perplexed as to why microscopic internal machines would have, or ever need, lights.

William Peters wrote: Jan 30, 2023

I have made and taken colloidal gold (nanoparticles) for over 17 years, and have posted formulas for making it from gold chloride, or by electrolysis on the website. Making with gold chloride produces a superior product, and takes only minutes. It is also much cheaper than buying it premade, about $2 US for an 8 ounce bottle.

Robert wrote: Jan 27, 2023

So where does The nano technology disappear too?....
In the bloodstream?
in the ether?
Does it disappear and Then reconstruct itself back into existence reappearing back into existence back into its original state?

Brett W wrote: Jan 25, 2023

Dr Dixon, is the colloidal gold you can buy in bottles from various health stores online already prepared/charged to take and be effective? Thanks

s wrote: Jan 24, 2023

request to subscribe to your newsletter please
Thank you

Ernest J Martyniuk wrote: Jan 24, 2023

The self-assembly of the devices from the vaccines look very similar to how proteins are manufactured in cells. Did our government figure out the mechanism for protein assembly and apply it to this nano technology? Also, this technology would require a complete understanding of Field Theory which few people are knowledgeable and is not taught in schools. Where would they acquire this knowledge??

David wrote: Jan 24, 2023

Thanks Anthony I am glad that you reminded me about this as it was not how I wanted this to come across. I think you should start with the dose recommended by the manufacturer and see how you get on from there. I certainly think the effect is dose dependent and higher doses may be required depending on severity of symptoms.

Anthony G Camacho wrote: Jan 24, 2023

In the interview with Maria Zeee you say to take 150mls. That's a little vague. The products I found are measured in ppm. How much ppm in Colloidal Gold should be taken daily?

Beck Abi-rached wrote: Jan 23, 2023

Would colloidial silver work to get rid of nanoparticles?

Tracy wrote: Jan 18, 2023

Wanted to share a resource, Karen Kingston and Sasha Latypova. Both have a Substack and both can be found on Rumble and Bitchute.

Roberta A Crisler wrote: Jan 15, 2023

Amazing, how can I get on your newsletter list?
I am from the States, they are dead to the world. It is so sad. I never even thought about the untested vaccine going into my skin. The damage it does. Thank you for your work

Blake Raymond wrote: Jan 7, 2023

Perhaps two harmless audio signals, one high frequency and one low frequency, can disassemble these. Can you email me, please? Thank you.

Salialioli wrote: Jan 7, 2023

I have been following La Quinta Columna and their discoveries since June 2021. They also have imagery that is stunning and timelapse videos of expanding, growing materials and what they are. In addition they have been collaborating with a bioengineer (pseudonym Mik Andersen) to discover the real purpose of the misnamed "vaccine". He explains how these nanocomponents work in the body and head. Like you they are all being censored heavily and Mik has his material mirrored, in both English and Spanish

Danyèle Mercier wrote: Dec 29, 2022

Hello Dr. Nixon and collaborators!

Please take a look at thiis article and pictures from a NZ scientist:

Very similar to those taken by La Quinta Columna.

Different countries, different contents, same effects on people's blood?

Danyèle Mercier wrote: Dec 24, 2022

Thanks to Dr. Nixon and his collaborators, among many other brave individuals and groups worldwide, now is being revealed what's in the Covid-19 shots.

To Cass, here are a few eye-opening links on who are the authors of these horrific injections:

Dr. David Martin reveals who patented the corona virus


Reiner Fuellmich ICIC “International Crimes Investigative Committee”:


Cass wrote: Dec 24, 2022

Has anyone looked at the patents, and noted who owns the patents? Would be interesting to find out that also.

Thanks for your work Dr Nixon, at last we Aussies are starting to get out the news.

Our media, and that of the rest of the world should be ashamed. Even Sky is too scared to expose these corrupt entities.

Tim wrote: Dec 23, 2022

Thank you for your work & your courage Dr. Cannot say it strongly enough.

Eva wrote: Dec 22, 2022

I don't believe you even need a dark field microscope. My husband and I found similar as you have found with a home microscope. We have also been in touch with another Brisbane based former GP regarding this. Please feel free to contact me directly for image if interested.

Vitaliy Karpukhin wrote: Dec 17, 2022

Dear David!
I always was happy to be your patient.I am happy to see you as scientist .
Dr.Vitaliy Karpukhin

Will wrote: Dec 16, 2022

It's so mind-blowing to think that this can all really be happening. Especially when you consider that almost nobody believes it. And yet, there it is.

Justin wrote: Dec 9, 2022

The list shown below by Kerry Burns has a link to patent #'s. I looked at one of them (the first one listed) and it made the hair on my neck stand up. It may also explain the "debris field" seen around the wiry structures in the collaborative look with Mat Taylor - thank you for showing that!).

It would be helpful (if it's within scope of your site) if links could be provided to each of the patents.

Noah wrote: Dec 4, 2022

Following your experiments with great interest and appreciate your courage. Thank you.

Kerry Burns wrote: Dec 1, 2022

I just watched video you did on Rumble yesterday with Dr Mihalcea & others. I don't know whether you look at comments there but I just posted John Lukach's exhaustive list of Charles Lieber's patents which may shed some light on all this.
John Lukach's list of Charles Lieber patents:

USPTO (patent office) records.

Here’s a partial list of patents from Dr. Charles Lieber, starting with the USPTO patent number, then the title for each patent:

10,436,747 Nanopore sensing by local electrical potential measurement

10,435,817 Controlled growth of nanoscale wires

10,369,255 Scaffolds comprising nanoelectronic components for cells, tissues, and other applications

10,355,229 Methods and systems for scaffolds comprising nanoelectronic components

10,119,955 High-resolution molecular sensor

10,049,871 Anisotropic deposition in nanoscale wires

9,903,862 Nanosensors and related technologies

9,786,850 Methods and systems for scaffolds comprising nanoelectronic components

9,702,849 Nanopore sensing by local electrical potential measurement

9,638,717 Nanoscale sensors for intracellular and other applications

9,595,685 Nanoscale wires, nanoscale wire FET devices, and nanotube-electronic hybrid devices for sensing and other applications

9,541,522 Nanoscale field-effect transistors for biomolecular sensors and other applications

9,535,063 High-sensitivity nanoscale wire sensors

9,457,128 Scaffolds comprising nanoelectronic components for cells, tissues, and other applications

9,297,796 Bent nanowires and related probing of species

9,252,214 Apparatus, method and computer program product providing radial addressing of nanowires

9,102,521 Nanosensors and related technologies

9,029,836 Controlled synthesis of monolithically-integrated graphene structure

8,883,568 Method providing radial addressing of nanowires

8,698,481 High-resolution molecular sensor

8,586,131 Liquid films containing nanostructured materials

8,575,663 High-sensitivity nanoscale wire sensors

8,471,298 Nanoscopic wire-based devices and arrays

8,399,339 Nanosensors

8,232,584 Nanoscale sensors

8,178,907 Nanoscopic wire-based electrical crossbar memory-devices and arrays

8,154,002 Nanoscale wire-based data storage

8,153,470 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such

semiconductors, and fabricating such devices

8,072,005 Apparatus, method and computer program product providing radial addressing of nanowires

8,058,640 Branched nanoscale wires

7,956,427 Nanosensors

7,918,935 Transition metal oxide nanowires

7,915,151 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors and fabricating such devices

7,911,009 Nanosensors

7,858,965 Nanowire heterostructures

7,772,543 System and method for processing nanowires with holographic optical tweezers

7,666,708 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors, and fabricating such devices

7,619,290 Nanosensors

7,595,260 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors, and fabricating such devices

7,500,213 Array-based architecture for molecular electronics

7,476,596 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors, and fabricating such devices

7,399,691 Methods of forming nanoscopic wire-based devices and arrays

7,385,267 Nanosensors

7,301,199 Nanoscale wires and related devices

7,274,208 Nanoscale wire-based sub-lithographic programmable logic arrays

7,256,466 Nanosensors

7,254,151 Nanoscale coherent optical components

7,211,464 Doped elongated semiconductors, growing such semiconductors, devices including such semiconductors and fabricating such devices

7,172,953 Methods of forming nanoscopic wire-based devices and arrays [show less]

Anne Mauconduit wrote: Nov 30, 2022

J'avais entendu parler de technologie d'assemblage de nanoparticules dans le sang des vaccinés, mais cela me semblait si improbable! Avec votre démonstration, c'est une évidence! cela fait mal à notre pensée rationnelle, cela fait mal aux yeux, mais c'est une évidence! Merci pour votre travail, je vais pouvoir convaincre certains septiques de mon entourage! Il faut urgemment le faire savoir!

Rowena wrote: Nov 29, 2022

I find your material very interesting but there appears to be a problem with opening your links. On my computer at least, they don't take me anywhere. Links on other sites work, so is it a problem on your side? Kind regards.