I only have one video of the assembly process at this stage but I am working hard to replicate this.

Here is a link to an analysis of the process with increased contrast and highlighting various aspects.
This takes place over 2 hours and has been sped up ~400x

full video below:

221211 – I was fortunate to record a significant self-assembly event this week and have recorded it in this document:
Self Assembly 221207

Please see topic 2.1 Construction assembly videos further further details


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Rick Alexander wrote: Dec 13, 2022

Quite fantastic! And absolutely chilling. You have done extraordinary, valuable work here, Dr. David!!
You say you will load the full video soon. Not quite sure what you mean by the "full" video? But would it be possible to make this one available for download? Thank you so much for what you are doing. Truly! Take care.

Andrew Chapman wrote: Dec 11, 2022

To my eyes, it looks pyramidical, with successive layers being added underneath each other. I don't get that impression of a pyramidical shape from the normal static pictures of the 'chips'. Do you still have this slide and if so, what does this 'chip' look like now (assuming you can identify it), please?

Andrew Chapman wrote: Dec 8, 2022

See discussion of this video with Maria Zee and Dr Nixon at https://rumble.com/v1prv94-world-first-robotic-arms-assembling.html

If you think how far ahead of normal weaponry they were after three years of the Manhattan Project, that might give some idea of the possible gap after 75 years.

MoDa wrote: Dec 8, 2022

Up close, the dark parts of these “chips” look more like areas where material is being evacuated rather than accumulations/buildups of dark material (as could be suggested by a lower res image). The same darkness can be seen through the “yellow/pale” colors of the material surrounding the active area of interest. Since you are using a dark field microscope, this seems somewhat consistent.
It would also be relevant to know if what you are using is a light or electron microscope.
I am not saying the danger from these jabs should be dismissed (my position is quite the opposite), but these however simple observations feel worth sharing.

Andrew Chapman wrote: Dec 6, 2022

Thanks for sharing, this should be on the front page of every newspaper. It has something of the quality of those speeded up videos of foetal development.

EK wrote: Dec 2, 2022

At what temperature did you watch this happen?
And does it make a difference of you keep the sample at 37 degrees Celsius, aka body temperature?
Perhaps the cristals would not form at that temperature?