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Chris Y wrote: Dec 19, 2022

The pyramidal structures look like they are rectangular cut outs or holes of infinite depth like one would see when facing two mirrors towards each other. Similarly, could the donuts be dots of infinite depth within the cutouts seeing as how they appear to be cylindrical? The pictures of infinity mirrors invoke such a sense of familiarity after looking at David's presentations.

Perhaps the wave-particle dualistic aspect of QM may have something to do with this. We are all so accustomed to viewing things in the 3D, whether it be physically or spiritually, I wonder if shifting perspectives dimensionally would help. If the observer effect influences the vibrational state of matter, perhaps we may need to react differently as well.

CLEOLYNNE wrote: Dec 18, 2022

The truth is well known to those who want to know.
God bless you and keep on fighting this DEMONIC WORLD. C.

Andrew Chapman wrote: Dec 17, 2022

Don’t miss the disassembly segment. David announces his intention to add another drop of Pfizer at 1:27:15, and the wave of new material can be seen at 1:28:20. The most amazing bit is between 1:34:20 and about 1:35:15 when it looks like components being disassembled.

Andrew Chapman wrote: Dec 15, 2022

These 'chips' with what looks like four layers - is it because you laid down four layers of Pfizer - so it's like there is a rectangle trying to develop in each layer, and these interact with each other to some degree to create this sort of stepped pyramidical structure?