On the 25th October I videoed almost 8 hours of a de-construction process that left me breathless.

Unsure of what I had actually witnessed I set it to music and this can be seen in the video entitled “Can You Identify me”

However, I have now produced this in a format that will allow for closer scrutiny.
Clearly this shows advanced technology
I have further footage of other construction and de-construction processes which I will make available in the next few weeks.
All images are using darkfield microscopy and the sample does not have a coverslip. Images are either 100x or 200x magnification.

Background to this footage.

On the 4th August I prepared a slide of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine by placing several drops sequentially on a slide.
The following morning I observed many unusual crystals and images of some of these are in the collection here.


On or about the 20th October I re-looked at the slide and was stunned to see that the crystals had been replaced by chip like structures examples of which can be seen here:


and a partial photo stitched image:

On the morning of the 24th October I was stunned (and obviously disappointed) that the chips had all disappeared. I am not sure why this occurred or other what time frame. However I wonder whether it was exposure to sunlight.(??)

By the time I had realised that this had happened to all the chips on the slide other than a few larger crystal structures and completed the first above photo the sample was completely covered in a lattice structure:

I then focused my attention on these larger crystals and took this photo

The next morning the appearance had changed again:

I then focused on the large rectangle which was the centrepiece of the crystal that I had photographed the night before:

Then over the next 8 hours I recorded complete de-construction of the rectangular structure and I have shown these at various speeds and with a timer.
The original file is over 70GB and it is available via dropbox – email me on david@drdavidnixon.com if you are keen!

5x speed








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Andrew Chapman wrote: Mar 22, 2023

Vm: David has shown somewhere that the bright spots in dark field correspond to what he calls 'donuts', which are seen in bright field, so called because they are a small dark circle, with an even smaller white centre. They are located (always/almost always/usually?) within the small rectangles. There are some good examples here: https://drdavidnixon.com/1/en/topic/230105 - see especially the third to last image, before the bulbous ribbon videos. Then the following two images allow a comparison between the bright lights in dark field and the 'donuts' in bright field - see especially the three main lights in the bottom rectangle.

As to what they are, it has been suggested that they might be spherical in shape.

Vm wrote: Mar 20, 2023

To me it looks like a bubble shrinking and causing the focus depth to change. Could the focus be affected by expansion due to temperature changes over long periods of time (hours)?

Is it emitting light or are bright spots caused by the microscope illumination?

That said it does look like chips and such.

Andrew Chapman wrote: Mar 16, 2023

If you only have time for one thing, watch from 7:44:30 to 7:46:30 or so (clock time) at 5x.

Also from 0:19:00 to 0:23:00 (also clock time).