I am most grateful to Andrew who has made my first self-assembly video available to download at various speeds.

Video at 10x speed

Video at 20x speed,

video at 50x speed,

Video at 100x speed,

a compilation that I put together previously can be seen here:
compilation of self assembly

and this is the original file:


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Andrew Chapman wrote: Mar 12, 2023

Sorry, magnification is 200x not 400x as in my comments below.

Thanks, Will, for pointing out the sphere at the upper left corner of the square. It moves with the top arm and looks like it is lodged between two struts of the arm. To my eyes, it stops moving around when the arm stops moving, seems to get swallowed up by the new square that grows at the top, but then probably reemerges as a not sharply defined circle where the new square overlaps with the original one, with a glow most of the way around it, and a bright light at around 4.30 o'clock.

Will wrote: Mar 8, 2023

Focusing on the black/blue sphere to the upper left corner of the chip: astounding behavior. Im not saying it IS an eye, but it does seem to move as if it is somehow perceiving its surroundings. Once it seems to detach from the "robot arm", it appears to vigorously spin and rut through the surrounding emulsion like a happy little pig in slop. Just another completely natural behavior, I'm sure.

Andrew Chapman wrote: Mar 8, 2023

The drops - four or five on top of each other - were put on the slide on 4 August 2022, and this observation was made mid October 2022. No cover slip, but kept in a slide cabinet. Dark field, with 40x objective, so that magnification is 400x.

It's worth watching the real time video from 2:00 to about 4:30, with movement of the two arms at top left especially rapid at 3:45. See also how the arms jerk two or three times between 2:42 and 2:47.

Then the left arms move suddenly again at 7:23. Rapid movement on right side at around 31:00. And much more, which one can find by watching a speeded up video, converting to seconds, multiplying by the factor, and converting back to minutes. Lights coming on and off, sudden eddy currents in the medium, and quieter periods.

Andrew Chapman wrote: Mar 7, 2023

This slide was made on 4 August 2022. The 'drop' in view was a 'multi-drop' - three or four drops were added on top of the first drop. The video was recorded in mid-October 2022. It's dark field, and the objective is 40x, so that the magnification is 400x.