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David wrote: Jun 4, 2024

Hi Tiffany, thank you for your comment. I am sure that these are not salt crystals. I now believe that what we are looking at is liquid crystals which can form in the liquid and modified after they are formed. I will be writing more about this on my substack soon. I do not trust thys you tube channel to publish anything accurate after watching parts of the video promoting childhood covid-19 vaccination... (

Tiffany wrote: Jun 3, 2024

It looks like how salt crystals form. Here is a video;

I did a quick Google search to see what dental anesthesia is formulated with and this is what I found out;

"For the local anaesthetic base to be stable in solution, it is formulated as a hydrochloride salt"

Harry wrote: Mar 6, 2024

How do the structures know, how to build? Who or how is the blueprint provided? Is it embedded or transmitted to the ingredients?

David wrote: Feb 26, 2024

HI JP, Apologies but I am unable to go back and review that from 11 months ago - too much to do! I did do control experiments with water and I also tried colloidal silver. Karl and I will review these experiments and consider repeating some of these with better equipment and processes DN

JP wrote: Feb 26, 2024

Why dont you post my comment about a control experiment? Are you doing control experiments? How do you know for sure that this is graphene? Did you contrast this particles with graphene particles? Did you do the same experimente on saline water or other control material?

JP wrote: Feb 20, 2024

Could you please describe the materials and methods?

JP wrote: Feb 20, 2024

Hi, I'm wondering, have you done any control experiments, using an inert liquid, RO filtered water?

elizabeth h wrote: Nov 2, 2023

going back to the beginning when people first started looking at the jabs under microscope..dr madaj saw the black donuts and determined they were magnets.....