Please also see the interview with Gareth Icke that occurred on evening of the 221207


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Kenneth wrote: Jan 25, 2023

The internals of the ribbon structure discussed in the "Discussions 4.1 of 221209 video", specifically the fine lines stringing beads of light together that Mat drew our attention to, These structures remind me, at a microscopic scale, of the Birkland Currents of deep space, as discussed in the Electric Universe research.

Veronique W wrote: Dec 19, 2022

I would like to respond to Bernard Miltenberger who wrote on 9 Dec in reference to "an internet kill switch at some determined point in the future or a track & trace mechanism for enslavement" with the French expression FAIT ACCOMPLI!

Jeff Stinson wrote: Dec 13, 2022

Some of Matt's commentary makes me say 'haha' out loud often. Very cool guy under horrific findings. Let's all do our part, these two brave men sure are.

Noah wrote: Dec 11, 2022

I have seen this structures in my own blood, even after I got only 1 shot of the Moderna vaccine almost 14 months ago. I would highly recommend all people (vaxxed and unvaxxed) do an LBA (LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS) Test in front of a doctor to watch for these in your own blood, as they are coming from rain, water, food, prescriptions, beer, who knows what else?
I also found this document

and these articles very helpful guides while looking at these images (from your own blood), which will make it important to you!

There are also 2 scientific papers that I would reccommend:

International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research 2(2), September 3, 2022 Page 586


International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research 2(2), August 12, 2022 Page | 444
(Italian study of 1,006 vaccinated patients blood who had LBA - Live Blood Analysis and found "nanobots" in the blood!

Danyèle wrote: Dec 10, 2022

Hello from Québec City, Canada!

The picture at 1:24 min. can't be called a ribbon anymore. It is the twisted opened/divided end optic fiber bundle!

Congratulations for your amazing findings!

Thank you for sharing your amazing work!

Best regards.

ET wrote: Dec 10, 2022

When is part 2 coming out?!?

Anonymous wrote: Dec 10, 2022

It would be interesting to drop a Betal Nut solution on the ribbons. Betal Nut kills Hydra Vul in aquariums. My elderly mother was jabbed 2x. I have her Betal nut 3x 3 weeks apart. She has passed “white textured strings” since then. Her energy, cognition and color improved significantly afterwards.

Alisa wrote: Dec 10, 2022

Could the distance from 5G or some type of frequency effect the growth?

AtomHeartMother wrote: Dec 10, 2022

Excellent work David and Matt. Spectacular info, although creepy and scary as well.
Quantum dots ? Hydrogel ? Top secret DoD stuff in the vials.
I assume this grew in the presence of RF, as Matt has done in the previous work.

Sally Silvershoes wrote: Dec 10, 2022

I wonder if some of those donuts are actually dome shaped objects. With glare on the "sumit" of the dome appearing to be internal lighting.

damon mcclure wrote: Dec 9, 2022

Sorry accidentally pressed the wrong button.

I've done similar with a vaxx injured brother in law a mate and myself. Let me know if you want the photos?

Justin wrote: Dec 9, 2022

I previously wrote in a comment earlier about focal length and a small aperature in a lens. I meant to say a LARGE aperature in a lens. (I suppose only important if it's published). It's been a long time since I've been in photography, and I was already 4 hours past my bed time. Your video has some interesting items in it! Thank you for sharing it!

patricia bowman wrote: Dec 9, 2022

I worked in aircraft simulation for over 40 years and in my youth I worked for National Semiconductors in the early 70's and this is micro circuitry. Nano technology. The slight flash on the outside area where you see some kind of light going past the " inside to the out side square is the input connection ... this is a electrical card on a micro level. I would love to do a back engineering examination on this thing. This I believe.

Bernard Miltenberger wrote: Dec 9, 2022

So it seems that Karen Kingston’s Substack patent information and this dark field microscope examines of these COVID vials all add up to the work of Dr. Charles Leiber from Harvard and his collaboration with the CCP and other NGO’s to try to develop an internet kill switch at some determined point in the future or a track & trace mechanism for enslavement.

Justin wrote: Dec 9, 2022

Having watched the entire video (THANK YOU 2X!), a few observations, particularly given the sensational claims being made in the article (no offense, just bugged by some of the claims being extended):

- There are definitely non-natural geometric shapes in the vaccines

- There appears to be assembly and disassembly occurring

- Per the doctor who's using a fairly advanced microscope system (multi-spectral, with light and dark field analysis at multiple magnifications), there are observations of semi-translucent strands appearing that were not there days earlier.

- The connections being mentioned I'm having a hard time with, given the difficulty they had with the thickness of the material containing the vaccine and the focal point being somewhere in the thickness of the material as you adjust the focus (like a lens with a small aperature showing a part in focus and everything else out of focus, and the inability to look from angles (ie, only looking from above) makes it "appear" that the strands connect to the geometric shapes. But I think this may be similar in effect to posing people in the foreground appearing to hold up a leaning wall of a building far behind them, or "holding the moon". Much like this photo:

- There appears to be layered assemblies, but also what appears to be alignment of other materials to one another, but not yet connected. It's almost like two boards coming together side by side in parallel, but separated. It was seen in many areas.

- claims of optical light "communication" I believe are overblown, and simply are reflections coming from the microscope lighting, and with straight up/down alignment appear like a flashlight beam hitting a mirror. Other colors appear to be suggestive of a color shift that occurs with light bleeding through a thinner material. (think of the sunset colors vs mid-day colors of the same sun)

There's definitely some weird stuff in the "vaccines" and also some weird stuff going on.

I think the need to have kept the vaccines in extremely cold storage was to help keep some of this activity from occurring. One of the the things mentioned by the doctor was the air conditioning being knocked out by a recent storm. And while concern was expressed over temperatures ruining the sample they're watching, this may very well have been one of those fortuitous accidents that is helping reveal stuff that would not be otherwise noticed.

A question is surrounding HOW this activity occurs, and it may very well be related to external (or within bodies, internal) electromagnetic energy.

There were passing comments by the non-doctor (engineer) about cholesterols, crystals, etc. I don't know what his level of medical knowledge is, and he definitely talked like an engineer.

I'd HIGHLY suggest people from a number of medical, engineering, and specialties associated with organic chemistry within the body all collaborate. This will really be a case where people from various fields will use their part of a strange animal they're feeling while blindfolded to reveal that in essence it's an elephant when everyone's notes are compared.

Andrew Chapman wrote: Dec 9, 2022

c. 25:00 please not with music! - it would be so much more useful if you commented on what we are seeing. Looking forward to your tweets, it's a good forum for discussion. Would it be possible to go split screen sometimes, with the whole field of view in one window, and the detail on the other? Thanks so much for sharing your discussion.

Chris wrote: Dec 9, 2022

Those rectangular objects look like chips, the blocks equally spaced in the corners are at minimum optical registration marks from the chip fab process. Could also provide for QR code scanning thru the skin. Other visible chip elements suggest a receiver for actuator once QR code scan is confirmed. May be 5G scannable