The theme of today was assembly and dis-assembly

When the matrix is active often I see cubes and cuboidal structures that move and connect with each other over time


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Danyèle Mercier wrote: Jan 15, 2023

Hi David and collaborators!

In the second video:
The clothespin structure -ex.: 2nd crystal, bottom right, at 6:55- , which is often seen in the blood pictures of the injected or vigorously moving in various videos, seems to have unfolded to form two "V" shape structures connected by a circle (nanolipid drop?). -3:30, center left. What on Earth are these?

Could they be proto optic fibers unfolding before their connection? Are these clothespins structures parts of a bigger one, as per your recent pictures showing the fiber's/"ribbon" connector joints and lensing effect drops?

Patti K wrote: Jan 5, 2023

Dr David I have been looking at wet mounts of blood for a year or so now and I'm seeing mother board like structures form up along with grids in drying blood areas on my slides. I take pictures daily and find graphine ribbon structures and black circles like Dr Botha in South Africa along with many reflective metal structures. I also see long thread like structures forming up long graphene rope looking structures in triple vaxed blood. Grids also appear where the blood is coagulating. I have been on every website that has shown slides of graphene to confirm what I'm looking at. One thing to note is that where there is significant rouloux the DDIMER is usually elevated. I observe my slides for 5 to 6 days after the initial prep. I really believe that every doctor should have a microscope in the office. All of the people's blood that I have looked at except one either had no C19 or did have it but did not get the jab.

Jeff Maki wrote: Jan 5, 2023

The three hour video shows a cataclysmic event at the 2:22 minute mark. Was there EMF activation at this point to create that activity?

David Smith wrote: Jan 5, 2023

David, can you show the magnification for each presentation and include a scale bar?

David Hughes wrote: Jan 3, 2023

Well done, David!

At 2h to 2h 5m you have successfully replicated Matt Taylor's September 2022 video of self-disassembly. This is tremendously important, as replicability on two separate continents is extremely strong evidence that this phenomenon is real.

Do you have videos of structures self-assembling out of nowhere in a few minutes?

Also, was any frequency involved in the above video?

Keep up the good work!


Andrew Chapman wrote: Jan 3, 2023

So we seem to have a series of partial degenerations and restorations, followed by some sort of catastrophic event around the 2 hour mark. David, could you tell us what interventions (if any) you made?

A wrote: Jan 3, 2023

Hi Dr, Nixon! Can you please provide some context to this? Is this a drop of saline that is then exposed to wifi then wifi removed? Thanks! Keep up the great work! My respects and hats off to you!