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Today’s video and images » 230102

Today I spent time looking at chips that had degraded yesterday due to addition of a saline solution and the chips had begun to reorganise themselves. This can be seen by the straighten of edges and features and in many cases the presence of donuts on the chip that…

Liquid appearance

Pfizer » Liquid appearance

I have spent most of my time looking at the Pfizer injectable as it dries out on a microscope slide. Nobody who has had this experience is able to say that this is a normal appearance. They either haven’t looked or they are lying. It is obvious that there is a…

Week 11

Newsletter- “Progress Notes” » Week 11

Progress Notes – Week 11 Good evening, Well it has been another busy week. Gosh I keep saying that. This week I have been running an experiment at the lab looking at the effect of nanogold on the vaccine. I will put details of this in my Substack (see footer)…

What’s in the blood?

Articles » What’s in the blood?

What’s in the blood? “For every mistake made for not doing: ten are made for not looking” (Poster on wall at Otago Medical School circa 1987 – Author unknown) Live blood analysis has a history longer than vaccination. It is interesting to note that…